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TWINS Muay Thai Jump Rope

TWINS Muay Thai Jump Rope


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SR-2 From Twins Special.
Imported from Thailand.
Tube length: 8' 4" plus 5" handle.
All our products are guaranteed to be 100% Twins. They came directly from the authorized distributors and manufacturer which ensures that you are getting a 100% Genuine Products.

Twins Jump Rope is made from highest quality and finest wood and plastic which is especially made to meet and supersede serious Muay Thai workout requirements.

This jump rope is great for cardio vascular exercises and develops your stamina which is crucially needed when competing in Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA. Get your Twins Heavy Jump Rope today and start a simple exercise that has tremendous benefits.

Twins Jump Rope features wooden grips and a strong plastic rope. They are durable enough to withstand the punishment of serious MMA workouts.

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